STUDIO100 Pilates


Health disclaimers

Healthcare Providers

Clients are responsible for consulting their healthcare provider before commencing any exercise routine.

Notify Us

Clients should email the Instructor before an upcoming session if there are any new injuries, diagnoses, or health-related issues.


Clients are responsible for letting the Instructor know as soon as possible if they believe they may be pregnant or if they have had a baby within the last 9 months.

Medical Release

Clients may be required to provide a written release from their physician or healthcare provider in order to participate in Pilates sessions.

tech requirements

Virtual Sessions

Clients should have a basic understanding of online technology and live-streaming applications.


A stable high-speed Internet connection and access to an Internet-enabled tablet, laptop, or other computer with webcam and audio capability are required for virtual sessions.


Smartphones are NOT recommended due to the small screen size; although, they may be used if screen sharing with a larger display screen such as a TV.

Studio requirements


Wear comfortable athletic clothing without zippers – they can be uncomfortable and damage equipment. Clothing should not be overly baggy. Pull back long hair for safety.


Fitted, grippy, non-slip socks should be worn during Pilates sessions for both safety and hygiene.


Street shoes are NOT allowed in the studio space – we ask that you remove your shoes in the waiting area upon entering. Shoes are not worn during Pilates sessions.
*NOTE: If you have a condition such as diabetes mellitus or peripheral neuropathy that requires you to wear shoes at all times, a new pair of tennis shoes should be purchased and left for in-studio use only.


24 Hour Notice

Clients are required to provide 24-hour notice if they are unable to keep scheduled appointments. All sessions canceled or rescheduled with less than 24-hour notice will be charged in full.

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